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You are either an Opportunity SEEKER type of Entrepreneur, or you a PASSIONATE One who never quits a business idea; how you determine which type of Entrepreneur you are is by first understanding these Two Types of Entrepreneurs.

For those of us who are passionate in our business until is successful, you will notice that patience is key to achieving long term goals; allowing us to improve on what we know as we continue to grow our business.

Opportunity Seekers who are considered another type of Entrepreneur, will probably decide to not continue to improve the business when is challenging and that is one thing that makes them different; and for these types of entrepreneurs is easier to just start something new like a job or another business idea rather than overcoming whatever challenge their initial business faces.

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I share my personal experiences as an entrepreneur myself who is passionate and committed, while also sharing some background on those who always be seeking a new opportunity; I have experienced being these two types of entrepreneurs in my life and as time passed, I have identified myself to be a passionate one.

Being the type of entrepreneur who is always seeking starting a new business opportunity, they will find themselves always unstable financially; they do not seem to understand that to create a successful in any business it takes time and besides that it will take challenges.

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After 8 years being a passionate entrepreneur, I have never given up on my initial business idea; instead, I have scaled to another level in the effort to continue my pursue in growing that very business.

Every type of entrepreneur has the opportunity to go from seeking a new business idea, to becoming a passionate entrepreneur; if as long as you believe in yourself and understand that reality of owning a business you will become successful.

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Video - Starting a Business Idea begins with being Passionate

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