Mastering Business Experiences

Monthly Video Experiences and Live Meetings for Employees to Startup a Business and Entrepreneurs to Master a Skill.


This Mastering learning Membership is designed was Employees at a Job and for Entrepreneurs with a Business.


People working at a Job who plan to Quit will Learn how to Start a Business from Home.


Owners of a Business who are Entrepreneurial will Learn how to Master Proven Skills.


Mastering Business Experiences is a Video based Coaching Membership created for Employees at and Entrepreneurs.

Mastering is a membership was created for people who are working at a job and plan to quit so eventually they may start a business, is also for the individual who is entrepreneurial which may or not own a business already and wants to learn new skills they can master to scale; both will have the opportunity to model knowledge shared from personal experiences of a successful entrepreneur.

Members will have Access to Live lessons which included consultations and meetings each month, a coaching like experience that is all about mastering business; these options are bookable online for members.

The Learning Modules will focus on both Personal Development and Business Knowledge, teaching you the Startup Process and Entrepreneurial Experiences; from a Business owner who has 10+ years of Mastering skills.

Cool features available for members are the option to send direct messages, and watching videos from any device; all from inside the members area. There are going to be Bonuses as well, from Interactive Webinars you may join when invited; to learning content that is updated inside the membership monthly.


You will have Access to Coaching such as Phone Consultations and Live Meetings.

Phone Consultations

You will get Access to Monthly Phone Consultations for us to speak about things like Mastering a Knowledge and Starting a Business.

Live Meetings

You will get Access to Monthly Live Meetings for us to meet about things like Mastering a Skill and Managing a Business.


Learn to Develop a Personal Experience, and Implement Business Knowledge; to help you Master Skills from an Entrepreneur.


Implement Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Start a Proven Online Business.


Develop an Entrepreneurial Experience and Become Successful Process.


Master Entrepreneurial Skills and Manage a Successful Business Model.


You will have Access to Content Updates, Private Webinars, Direct Messages and Online Bookings.

Direct Messages

Send Direct Emails and Facebook Messages whenever you have questions on something you are learning.

Content Updates

Editing - You will get Instant Access to Product and Content Updates as they are uploaded to help Maintain learning experiences current.

Affiliate Earnings

Development - Members will have an opportunity to signup for the affiliate program and earn commissions reffering the membership.

Online Bookings

Book Online Phone Consultations and Live Videos for you to schedule Meetings on something you are learning.

Interactive Webinars

Soon - You will get Instant Access to Interactive Webinars as they are created to help Maintain new learning topics.

Purchasing Discounts

New - Additional purchases you make for a new learning upgrade that relates to a limited time offer each member will have an assigned discount.


I will share Videos on my Personal Experiences, about Starting a Business even if you are still at a job and Becoming an Entrepreneur for those of you who have the personality; plus the Proven Skills required to Master for Success.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy

New - Understand How Creating a Strategy will help you Become more Successful in Business.

Building your Ecommerce Business

Editing - Understand How an E-Commerce Business is a Model that helps you Sell Products online.

Retaining your Paying Customers

Soon - Understand How to keep an existing Customer paying you Retainers to help build ongoing revenue.

Managing your Timeline

Understand How Managing your Timeline is a key component to being Successful.

Setting a Price Model

Understand How Setting a Price Model that is Competitive will help you Attract Customers.

Implementing a Business idea

Understand How Implementing a Business Idea after Research is essential before Launch.

Choosing a Business Model to Start

Bonus - Understand How Creating a Strategy will help you Become more Successful in Business.

Presenting the Sales Offer

Understand How Presenting your Offers to a Customer will help Increase Sales.

Strategies on Closing Leads

Understand How having a Strategy is essential to closing more leads in your Business.

Closing Customers with Value

Understand How Closing your Customers with Value is more important than Price.

Monetizing Customer Emails

Understand How Monetizing your E-mails will help you Profit from most Customers.

Effective Advertising is Social

Understand How Advertising Effectively will have a higher impact in your results.

Monetizing Employee Knowledge

Subscriber - Understand How Monetizing your Employee Knowledge will help you Start a Business.

Starting a Business with a Job

Subscriber - Understand How Starting a Business with a job is the best chance for Becoming Successful.

Risks to Become an Entrepreneur

Subscriber - Understand How taking Risks to Become an Entrepreneur is rewarding at the end.

Videos are added often when created and you will see them inside the members area listed under their unique learning module. Consider these thumbnails grid a visual of what is some of the popular topics I have created an experience on.


I Strive to provide you with an Excellent Experience. Read what some Satisfied Customers have to say.

"Alain truly takes his time and helps you with what you need help with. If you need the extra help he is the one to go to."

Dawn Nelson

Founder, ADHD

Testimonial from Alain Hernandez

"I personally have used Alan Hernandez for my franchises since 2009. Alan is smart, fast on his feet; and very dependable."

Bennett Frumer

Personal Trainer, Elite Strength & Fitness

Testimonial from Hernandez MasterMind

"Alain was great- he was very responsive and professional. He repaired some drywall that had been damaged and hung up heavy curtains that now look spectacular! He also put up a hanging chair from our ceiling and made sure it looked perfect and that all areas were clean prior to leaving."

Arielle Caputo

Manager, Paylocity

Testimonial from MasterMind HandyMan

"Everything was exactly how it was advertised. Securely wrapped, Alain answered every question I had; and even looked into to specs for me. Very good communication, very nice person; and definitely great products.

Shelly Kimbriel

Student, University of Louisiana

Testimonial from Hernandez AffordableProducts

"Bro, Thanks for the video. Helped me learn how to transfer apps from existing HDD to newly installed SSD."

Drexler Balila

Student, University of Isabela

Testimonial from Hernandez EliteGaming


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; MasterMind Entrepreneur and Creator of Mastering Business Experiences.

I've put a lot of time, a lot of effort on this Membership; to help you Become Successful.

The Mastering Experience Membership is going to be basically a Membership where I'm going to be giving you Access to; all the Video Experiences that I'm currently creating.

I'm also going to be Dedicated to every Member, to give you Access to Monthly Consultations; and Live Video Sessions with me.

The Video experience is basically focusing on sharing with you what is working for me as an Entrepreneur; and in my Business.

All for you, the Member; to keep you up to date. So that you you're not guessing. You're not stuck. You're not wasting time.

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The Standard package gives you limited access to video experiences without meetings. If you like to work monthly with an Entrepreneur you may want to consider the Premium package which includes consultations and meetings. For added content and learning live most of the time then choose the Ultimate package instead for more value.

Packages include added time for your initial signup cost to help get your account ready, giving you extra time at no cost to watch more video experiences and speak with an entrepreneur before your monthly fee begins; access to the membership is going to be created exclusively for you right after purchase.

You may continue access to the membership under a cheaper monthly fee after the signup period, and if you want to lock the initial price as the renewal fee instead to help you save money; let me know in advance before renewal so I may apply that option.

Startup Knowledge Learning

Knowledge Learning is a Startup created for Employees at a Job who want their own Business and Entrepreneurs to Master a Skill.


Download a digital format of the learning you can read.


Speak with me about your Knowledge being an Employee.


You will have online access to watch Video Experiences.


I will provide you a Proven Plan about starting a business.

Consultation and eBook plus Videos at no cost for People who are not yet ready to purchase the Mastering Experience.


Learn More about what I do with some of these frequently asked questions from actual customers.

Master of all Trades?

Over the last 10 plus years I have had hands on experiences on many areas of my professional career. From starting as an employee in many jobs to eventually evolving into my entrepreneurial ideas which later led to starting several businesses that ultimately helped me quit those jobs while keeping me growing in my own passionate journey through business my own boss so those are listed to share a background on all the experiences I've had.

Blog Education?

Inside the blog visitors of my website will have access to selected videos and audios they may watch or listen to whichever they prefer. This section of the website is open to the public to learn about what I am doing as a business owner and entrepreneur. The content is focused on sharing knowledge and experience on what I have done and currentlly doing in my business that worked or is actual working. You welcome to implement some of the tips shared and let it guide you into your own ideas. There is no cost for watching videos or listening to audios. I do ask that you share and like on the soundcloud and youtube side also follow.

Mastering Experiences?

When I mention Mastering throughout the website it means something you will learn to do that has already been proven by myself such as a set of skills, where as an experience is a moment that I talk about on something I have done personally which has helped me in my business; both however are related in a way but different in another.

Brands I Own?

I have had the opportunity to be tech savy and passionate oriented in all that I do so over the years there have been many ideas that relate a lot with what I actually do in my life. So these brands are businesses thatI have started owned by my corporation, consider them also doing business as and so if is a hobbie I am into or an actual service I provide; there is a brand I have created for that purpose so that is branded properly for such.

Knowledge Learning?

In a way to give back to anyone who visits my website and decides to subscribe to my education to basically learn from me, the knowledge I provide through this process is for learning purposes so you can access videos I've created and even a chance to speak with me which are both entirely at no cost; for people who take the time to do this with me is a way to connect one on one so you have an understanding on what I do plus my offering to help you.

Launch Prices?

During the launch period I am welcoming at least 1,000 members to join Mastering at that price level. As we head over to the end of april prices will increase due to high demand and to help sort out good willing members from bad not performing ones. People who had signed up during this welcome period will remain at the rate they purchased. Only new members will see the new pricing model moving forward until another special event is applied.