Mastering Business Experiences

Monthly Video Experiences and Live Meetings for Employees to Start a Business and Entrepreneurs to Master a Skill.


People working at a Job who plan to Quit will Learn how to Start a Business from Home.


Owners of a Business who are Entrepreneurial will Learn how to Master Proven Skills.


As a Mastering Member, you will have Access to Meetings; including: Phone Consultations and Live Videos.

Phone Consultations

You will get Access to Monthly Phone Consultations for us to speak about things like Mastering a Knowledge and Starting a Business.

Live Videos

You will get Access to Monthly Live Videos for us to meet about things like Mastering a Skill and Managing a Business.


Mastering Experiences is a Membership created for Employees and Entrepreneurs.

The Education Modules will focus on Personal Development and Business Management, teaching you How to Master Experiences; for Employees to Start a Business and for Entrepreneurs to Master a Skill.

Members will have Access to Video Experiences and Meetings each month, for you to Book Consultations; and also Join Live when invited.

Cool features available for members are the option to send direct messages to an entrepreneur, and accessing the videos from any device; all from inside the membership.

There are going to be Bonus options for People who want to Learn More from an Entrepreneur, giving you access to Live Webinars; and also Updated Content.


As a Mastering Member, you will have Access to Features; including: Direct Messages and Online Bookings.

Direct Messages

Send Direct Emails and Facebook Messages whenever you have questions on something you are learning.

Online Bookings

Book Online Phone Consultations and Live Videos for you to schedule Meetings on something you are learning.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; Business Coach and President at Hernandez MasterMind.

I've put a lot of time, a lot of effort on this Membership; to help you Become Successful.

The Mastering Experience Membership is going to be basically a Membership where I'm going to be giving you Access to; all the Video Experiences that I'm currently creating.

I'm also going to be Dedicated to every Member, to give you Access to Monthly Consultations; and Live Video Sessions with me.

The Video experience is basically focusing on sharing with you what is working for me as an Entrepreneur; and in my Business.

All for you, the Member; to keep you up to date. So that you you're not guessing. You're not stuck. You're not wasting time.

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As a Mastering Member, you will have Access to Bonuses; including: Content Updates and Private Webinars.

Content Updates

You will get Instant Access to Product and Content Updates as they are uploaded to help Maintain learning experiences current.

Private Webinars

You will get Instant Access to Private Webinars as they are created to help Maintain new learning topics.


Learn to Develop a Personal Experience, and Implement Business Knowledge; to help you Master Skills from an Entrepreneur.


Implement Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Start a Proven Online Business.


Develop an Entrepreneurial Experience and Become Successful Process.


Master Entrepreneurial Skills and Manage a Successful Business Model.


See what some of my Satisfied Customers have to say about their Experience.

“I am thrilled with what Alain helped me with to start my new business.”

Wendy Glidden

Author, You are worthy too

“Alain has been a tremendous asset to our company assisting us with Computers and other Business Solutions”

Rick Bavec

Builder, Tolaris Homes

“Alain was very helpful and Knowledgeable in Optimizing my YouTube videos so that they could rank better.”

Arielle Caputo

Manager, SB Projects

“I am very pleased with Alain's quality of work and timeliness in completing the website design plus Google Analytics projects.”

Richie Hill

Affiliate, Hill Team Marketing


I will share Videos on my Personal Experiences; about Starting a Business and Becoming an Entrepreneur; plus the Skills you need to Master for Success.

Understand How Managing your Timeline is a key component to being Successful.

Understand How Setting a Price Model that is Competitive will help you Attract Customers.

Understand How Implementing a Business Idea after Research is essential before Launch.

Understand How Choosing the right Business Model will help you be successful.

Understand How Presenting your Offers to a Customer will help Increase Sales.

Understand How having a Strategy is essential to closing more leads in your Business.

Understand How Closing your Customers with Value is more important than Price.

Understand How Monetizing your E-mails will help you Profit from most Customers.

Understand How Advertising Effectively will have a higher impact in your results.


The Standard package gives you limited access to video experiences without meetings. If you like to work monthly with an Entrepreneur you may want to consider the Premium package which includes consultations and meetings. For added content and learning live most of the time then choose the Ultimate package instead for more value.

Packages are discounted for your initial signup cost to help get your account ready, giving you another 30 days at no cost to watch more video experiences and speak with an entrepreneur a few more times before your monthly fee is due; and your membership access is going to be created exclusively for you right after purchase.

You may continue access to the membership under the monthly fee after the signup period, and if you want to lock the initial price as the renewal fee instead to help you save money; let me know in advance so I may apply that option.

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