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Certain business owners lack daily motivation and then you wonder why some did not succeed in business. Creating a daily motivation habit is so important for entrepreneurs to be successful.

Mainly because it will be so helpful for you to be constantly reminded of your worth while building your business. Consider it self motivation if you want but being motivated in business and as an entrepreneur is an essential skill to have each day.

Finding ways to help you stay motivated is different for each entrepreneur. Each business owner defines motivation in many ways. Personally for me is incorporating what I do already with products that I found helps me stay motivated.


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One great example for me is the car I chosen to drive everyday for business, and also the electronics I've purchased to help me work on the go; even with the water I drink.

I use these products as examples to help remind myself everywhere I go, and whatever I do everyday; I have integrated a choice on purpose to keep me motivated of what I want and who I am.

Every entrepreneur will find their own way to stay motivated in business, some of these options may be outside or beyond your daily routine or activities which may make it much difficult for you to actual be motivated; that is why personally for me I love the integration of products that mean something to me in the effort to constantly remind me without going outside what I already do.


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When it came down to the car I wanted to drive I chose Infiniti, I really connected with their tagline ‘Empowered the Drive' because I am empowering myself as an entrepreneur to not quit and continue on with this business owner journey; compared to other car brands like ford or kia let say there was no meaning to it in my opinion.

I incorporated the same ideal when choosing the king of phone I wanted for business so I went with Samsung, additionally I wanted a watch to manage my activities so samsung was a great choice because these are smart devices and I sure consider myself smart being in business for so many years; and so now when I workout I use my smart watch and when I'm on the go I use my smart phone so is constantly reminding me of how Smart I am and so I for sure deserve to use a ‘smart' phone.

Another one that was interesting is the water bottle I wanted to choose, like I do not know about you but for me I be drinking water all the time and more so when I go places because in between I be integrating my workouts; so I found ‘Smart' water brand which again is constantly reminding me that I am smart so I picked that one.

The point of these ideas to help entrepreneurs stay motivated is to find your own products that give you a sense of motivation, for me was straight forward which was to utilize what I already do with actual products that meant something to me; like I already be using a phone and I already be using a car and so on so why not go with brands that mean something to you.


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