Coaching Entrepreneurship to help you Start and Master Business

If you are seeking advice at no cost, go with booking a call with me, and if you want to scale fast through proven experiences, please choose the Mastering Business; plus, the select few people who are in startup then jump right into Knowledge Learning.

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Speak with a Coach

Book a Phone Consultation if you like to Speak with a Coach at no cost, who will help you Master a Startup; and Develop Skills for Business.

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Master of Skills

I have over 10+ years of hands-on Experience being a Successful Entrepreneur, Computer Technician, Website Designer, Business Consultant, Social Marketer and Internet Affiliate.

Over the past 6+ years I have evolved my skills into other areas such as being an Online Gamer, Ecommerce Seller and Construction Worker.

Successful Entrepreneur

Becoming Master Entrepreneurs

Computer Technician

Supporting Remote Computers

Website Designer

Designing WordPress Websites

Business Manager

Managing Successful Businesses

Social Marketer

Developing Marketing Campaigns

Internet Affiliate

Monetizing Ecommerce Products

Online Gamer

Building Customized Gaming

Ecommerce Seller

Selling Electronic Products

Construction Worker

Improving Residential Properties

A skill is the ability to learn how to act with determined effort for the expectation of a proven result, with understanding of the execution process often achieved within a given amount of time; through a developed strategy implemented consistently.

Mastering Business Experiences

Mastering is a membership created for people who are working at a job and plan to quit so eventually they may start a business, is also for the individual who is entrepreneurial which may or not own a business already and wants to learn new skills they can master to scale; both will have the opportunity to model knowledge shared from personal experiences of a successful entrepreneur.

Brands I Own

You will find me Operating my Brands when Managing Entrepreneur Businesses, Improving Residential Properties and Selling Electronic Products; plus Building Customized Gaming.


Complete Business Solution for Entrepreneurs needing Monthly Strategic Services.


Improvement Services for Homeowners needing a Local HandyMan Professional.


Product Reviews for Online Buyers needing an Affordable Recommendation.


Customized Gaming for Computer Gamers needing an Elite Experience.

Alain Hernandez

MasterMind Entrepreneur

You may know me as the President of Hernandez MasterMind, where I provide other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners; with a Complete Business Solution. For those of you needing Monthly Strategic Services, including Entrepreneurship, Computer Support, Website Design, Business Management, Online Marketing and Content Monetization Solution. 

The reason I consider myself a MasterMind is because I know so much, I've done so much; and I'm doing so much. I think that most people have a very hard time doing everything I’m doing. 

I want to help you with as much as I can, Eight years is a long time in my opinion. I've tried almost everything becoming an entrepreneur and running a business. 

I'm excited on what I'm doing in my business. I'm Passionate about all that I'm doing for others. You'll see that through not just my video content, but when we work together as well; and with the results that I'll help you create. I look forward to helping you.

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Customer Feedback

I Strive to provide you with an Excellent Experience. Read what some Satisfied Customers have to say.

"I would like to say Alain has helped me out a lot, he is doing more then most people would; and I am grateful for that."

Joshua Meade

CEO, Meade's PC Repair Shop

Testimonial from Alain Hernandez

"I personally have used Alan Hernandez for my franchises since 2009. Alan is smart, fast on his feet; and very dependable."

Bennett Frumer

Trainer, Elite Strength & Fitness

Testimonial from Hernandez MasterMind

"Alain was great- he was very responsive and professional. He repaired some drywall that had been damaged and hung up heavy curtains that now look spectacular!"

Arielle Caputo

Manager, Paylocity

Testimonial from MasterMind HandyMan

"Everything was exactly how it was advertised. Securely wrapped, Alain answered every question I had; and even looked into to specs for me. Very good communication, very nice person; and definitely great products."

Shelly Kimbriel

Student, University of Louisiana

Testimonial from Hernandez AffordableProducts

"Bro, Thanks for the video. Helped me learn how to transfer apps from existing HDD to newly installed SSD."

Drexler Balila

Student, University of Isabela

Testimonial from Hernandez EliteGaming

Experiences Education

Experiences Education is a YouTube Videos and SoundCloud Audios Blog about my Business as an Entrepreneur.

Audio - Entrepreneurs that take Time serious Plan every Moment

Audio - Entrepreneurs Run their own Business from Home

Audio - Business Owners that are Entrepreneurs need Focus

New Video - Ideas to Survive Finances in a Startup Business as Entrepreneurs

Video - Understand the two type of Entrepreneurs in Business

Video - Starting a Business Idea begins with being Passionate

Watch other Videos and Listen to Audios about my Experiences as an Entrepreneur.

Knowledge Learning

eBook Guide, Phone Consultation, and a Proven Plan, plus Video Experiences; to help you Learn Startup Knowledge.

eBook Download

Download a digital format of the learning.

Phone Consultation

Speak with me about your Knowledge.

Recorded Videos

You will have online access to watch Videos.

Proven Plan

I will create you a Proven Plan about Startup.

Subscribe for Access to Startup Knowledge from an Entrepreneur.

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