Starting the Hernandez MasterMind Business

Complete Business Solution for Entrepreneurs needing Monthly Strategic Services and Courses.



To service my customers in a complete model I needed to develop a solution

Over the years I personally have learned so much as a business owner, from using a computer that was perfect to building an online presence that allowed people to find out what I do through a website; even to figuring out ways in marketing my services where it did not cost me a fortune.

 Considering the versatile aspects of a small business and more so being entrepreneurial it was obvious to me that the next evolution in my self-employment adventure required a complete solution.


Starting with an idea turned into a Business.


The Complete Business Solution is an ongoing monthly plan, packaged with Phone Consultations, Proven Plans, Business Meetings and Strategic Services.


My Online Education Courses is a Mastering like Experience through Video based learning, teaching about Entrepreneur, Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization.


Monthly Strategic Solutions for Entrepreneurs needing a Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Service.

Monthly Strategic Courses for Entrepreneurs needing Computer, Website, Business, Marketing and Monetization Education.


“I can’t believe that all it took was being passionated which motivated the projects created”