Developing the Mastering Experiences Product

Mastering Experiences is a Membership created for Employees and Entrepreneurs.



To service my audience in a digital scale I needed to develop a membership

Today we all require access to learning that is available whenever we wish to educate ourself in certain topics, eventhough that I coach people weekly one on one; there was something missing for the selected few that wanted another choice.

The Mastering Experiences idea was borned, allowing me to upload videos that my members can watch teaching specific topics on my own entrepreneur experience; the fact that not everyone can afford my offering while others can’t match my schedule the members area was a must.

I will be committed to uploading my experience as a business owner, related to what I do as an entrepreneur; through recorded video and live meeting.


Starting with an idea turned into a development.


People working at a Job who plan to Quit will Learn how to Start a Business from Home. Owners of a Business who are Entrepreneurial will Learn how to Master Proven Skills.

Monthly Video Experiences and Live Meetings for Employees to Start a Business and Entrepreneurs to Master a Skill.

Learn to Develop a Personal Experience, and Implement Business Knowledge; to help you Master Skills from an Entrepreneur.


You will get Access to Monthly Phone Consultations for us to speak about things like Mastering a Knowledge and Starting a Business. You will get Access to Monthly Live Videos for us to meet about things like Mastering a Skill and Managing a Business.

Send Direct Emails and Facebook Messages whenever you have questions on something you are learning. Book Online Phone Consultations and Live Videos for you to schedule Meetings on something you are learning.


“I can’t believe that all it took was being passionated which motivated the projects created”