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Monetizing Customer Emails

Understand How Monetizing your E-mails will help you Profit from most Customers.

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From Alain

Let's talk a bit about an Email Monetization Strategy I've been using to Monetize my Customers emails.

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Many Business Owners and Entrepreneurs I've worked with asked me one of many important questions about generating income. How do I monetize my email list?

As you probably know that income is generated in many formats, I try to only focus on the top 3 which one being locally as a service you provide; another is selling a product you've created like a Course or perhaps a packaged solution and lastly promoting other people's products or services which ultimately is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Simply communicating with them regarding customer service questions or recommendations. Now understand that how I implement this method is quite simple but may get complicated if not used at the right time.

Great example was the other day when I got several emails from some customers about somethings they wanted TO DO, others needed an ADVICE on HOW TO proceed on an idea; many simply just shared the implementation they were working on.

During this time is when I take the Opportunity, to determine when is the best time to Implement the Affiliate Strategy I talk about; in the effort to plant the Sales seed and allow Commissions to grow before my direct deposits are issued.

The cookie to this Monetization process is, as soon a customer asks the question of ‘what should I do or what do you recommend' you will have 2 options; SELL a service or RECOMMEND an affiliate product. You getting it yet or not really? Alright let's dive in a little more lol.

I personally have already picked the top selling products I use for my own business for like Marketing, Website, videos, Branding, Computer etc; these are already cloaked with shorted links where is just a drop url away from a click lol.

I also have PayPal buttons created with 3 pricing models which typically sell a Service, Course or a Solution; these of course are directly from me not a partner.

After I have shared a tip or two on responding to the what or how to a customer, I choose between the PayPal payment button or the affiliate link; to generate a Sale or a Commission instantly.


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What E-mails are you monetizing?

Share your comment below and tell us what e-mails exactly are you sending that are monetized…

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