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One or more of the listed options below are available to you right now by simply choosing to fill out the form on this page to heading over to the indivual links.


Using the contact form is your easiest to most direct method as it comes to my primate domain inbox and so you welcome to use that option now by simply filling out the details asked so I know everything needed before I respond.


You welcome to also use a direct message method using one of the social media profiles you are mostly on like facebook or instagram even linkedin just to mention a few of those I am also on so whichever works for you.


For those select few of you who are already using messages like applications such as microsoft skype or teams to google chat just to mention a few options is ideal if you like to communicate where you are already.

Options for Later Setup

These are the messaging options that I will to manually setup for you later to make sure is for a customer or a subscriber and not just anyone contacting me which helps minimize spam.


Sending a message using an instant method such as directly to my mobile phone or to an app that allows such option is also a great way to communicate with me at the moment of your thought where I can respond in the moment rather than later on.


The live method is being configured at this time to allow for integration with current scheduling systems and in which manner would best service your messages in real time directly with me so check back in for this one or wait for your exclusive invite to try it.


When it comes to being part of a method that allows you to not only share a message with me but also to share questions in a facebook or google group like enviroment then is where this option is perfect for this and responding is not only for you but also for others as well.


Hi, I’m Alain Hernandez; Creator of Startup Knowledge Learning and Coach at Mastering Business Experiences.

We may begin using the messaging options available now and at a later time I can help you setup a more exclusive direct method such as using an app or texting even the chat.

You go ahead with the contact form to get started as that will be the quickest most direct and after you’ve done that maybe connect on the social network mentioned and message me saying that you emailed me so I can help put the two together as who you are when looking.

I recommend the following so we waste no time: 

Choose a method of communication that you often use so that when I respond we can both stay active rather than an option you likely not to check which doing so delays our engagement.

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When you are ready to start with the form please use real name and primary email with the most relevant message plus let me know which 1 to 2 methods you preffer using the most so I can set it up.



Provide me your personal details for each field and when you do write something to me that feels questionable so that when I respond you get some answers.



Usually my responses are daily and sometimes weekly which all depends on how many are coming in on a given day or week so please be patient until I get back to you.