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Closing Customers with Value

Understand How Closing your Customers with Value is more important than Price.

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From Alain

Most people need a reason for spending money, while others just like to spend if they trust your opinion; learn how adding value to your offers will help you close deals for more money.

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Always understand that customers value your expertise, so much that they are willing to pay what you are worth; do not be afraid to add value to your offers in the effort to increase your sales opportunity.

Every customer we service look for either a good experience, or a good value for what they paid for; try to combine the two and you will start to build customer loyalty.

How to handle your customer is all about the experience they have with you, creating customer loyalty is hard to build if you are only thinking about how much to charge; instead focus a lot more on values to help retain customer longer.

After a while trying to upsell to your customer is not so complicated as it was in the beginning, so try to package your services to give them value over cost; and you will begin to see more loyalty from your customers.

Dealing with a difficult customer is something that happens to every business owner, so instead of getting frustrated try to learn how to handle the customer with value and service; then offer them a different experience that may better serve their need.


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What Value are you providing?

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