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Risks to Be an Entrepreneur

Understand How taking Risks to Become an Entrepreneur is rewarding at the end.

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From Alain

It all began for me 10 years ago when I had the choice to start college, keep going to my construction job; or start my own business.

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I was highly motivated to be an entrepreneur from early on before this, my passion always leaned more toward my business; that was going to be a risk at this time of my life.

When I began to compare all 3 options, choosing between one or the other; and even planning to risk doing all three with the hope that one will work out in my favor.

As time past being in college, and while also keeping a job; business quickly started picking up as a computer technician. The content I was learning in college was not really relevant to my interests at this time of my life. Job was paying well yet was taking a lot of my time away and was just providing to cover my expenses.

Choosing to go with a job while at college did not connect with me at sometime anymore, I wanted to be in Business more than anything; and I knew there was going to be job seeking for something that meets my needs.

When I looked at all three options from a risk perspective, quickly became obvious that putting most of my time at a job was never going to make me successful; and college was just another broken promise that was never delivered.

Many people get fired from their job each day with nothing to hold on to, and many who attended college for years never pursuit what they studied who are left in debt; that is why most people like me who never graduated from school or got promoted at a job are those who become successful entrepreneurs.

Risks you take towards becoming an entrepreneur, and being a business owner with revenue; will be totally worth it as is for what belongs to you and not what belongs to someone else like a job.


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What Risks are you willing to take?

Share your comment below and tell us what risks are you willing to sacrifice to become a successful entrepreneur…

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