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Entrepreneurs created a Strategy

Understand How Creating a Strategy will help you Become more Successful in Business.

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From Alain

Starting a Business can be frustrating specially when trying to Setup your Own Business Service Prices.

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At the beginning for me it was more about competing based on prices, verses trying to be expensive compared to other professionals, companies or individuals; because at the same time I needed to help build my reputation and credibility.

Building your business reputation at first is by opportunity because potential customers do not know you yet and for the most part people when shopping choose based on price.

It's recommended at the start to be flexible with price to help you win customers and slowly build your reputation.

Once you are able to establish a good reputation in your area over the years, you may then be able to increase your prices; because what used to take you an hour may now take you less.

After sometime is no longer about the prices you charge for services, it then becomes a matter of value and knowledge; rather than who is cheaper out there.


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