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As a Mastering Member, you will have Access to Meetings; including: Phone Consultations and Live Videos.

Phone Consultations

You will get Access to Monthly Phone Consultations for us to speak about things like Mastering a Knowledge and Starting a Business.

Live Videos

You will get Access to Monthly Live Videos for us to meet about things like Mastering a Skill and Managing a Business.


I will share Videos on my Personal Experiences; about Starting a Business and Becoming an Entrepreneur; plus the Skills you need to Master for Success.

Understand How Managing your Timeline is a key component to being Successful.

Understand How Setting a Price Model that is Competitive will help you Attract Customers.

Understand How Implementing a Business Idea after Research is essential before Launch.

Understand How Choosing the right Business Model will help you be successful.

Understand How Presenting your Offers to a Customer will help Increase Sales.

Understand How having a Strategy is essential to closing more leads in your Business.

Understand How Closing your Customers with Value is more important than Price.

Understand How Monetizing your E-mails will help you Profit from most Customers.

Understand How Advertising Effectively will have a higher impact in your results.


The Premium Package is listed for everyone at $220 as the one time signup fee with 30 days of access. It normally renews monthly at $110 after. Save -$40 on Signup and -$30 per Monthly when you purchase premium now with this limited time offer.

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