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eBook Guide

The eBook is a written version of the startup education, explaining each topic in details you can follow; from the employee knowledge to the business with a job even risks to become an entrepreneur.

Phone Consultation

Our Consultation is to Understand your Knowledge, while also Discussing ways of Starting a Business; to help me Create a Strategic Plan you may Implement to Become an Entrepreneur.

Proven Plan

After we speak on the phone, I will create a Proven Plan for you to implement at no cost, to help you understand how to Monetize your Employee Knowledge and Startup a Business; exclusive to work with your particular situation.


Subscribers who click on the book a consultation that comes later via email, also get access to additional Education, including Watching the Video Experiences listed below.

Day 1

Monetize Employee Knowledge

Understand How Monetize your Employee Knowledge will help you Start a Business.

Day 2

Starting a Business with a Job

Understand How Starting a Business with a job is the best chance for Becoming Successful.

NEW - Day 3

Risks to Become an Entrepreneur

Understand How taking Risks to Become an Entrepreneur is rewarding at the end.

BONUS - Day 4

Choosing the Right Business Model

Understand How Choosing the right Business Model will help you Launch sooner.

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