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On this call we want to talk about what knowledge have you acquired from being an employee, and how can we best master that experience for you to start a business; we dive deeper in learning skills required to help you achieve both quitting your job if you are still working and starting the business before you do.

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With the eBook you will have a transcribed format of the education, a written breakdown of what I shared on the video experiences and also a deeper understanding of the stages you may go through to achieve similar results as me; I recommend you read a topic per day to allow your mind to adapt to the learning.

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Subscribers who take the time to speak with me live on the phone are the people who are going to Get a Proven Plan that is Exclusive to your personal situation and not related to the eBook. 

I will personally select the best qualified group of people for this add-on opportunity at no cost and so make sure to show effort and engage during our call.

Proven Plan

After we speak on the phone, I will create a Proven Plan for you to implement at no cost, to help you understand how to Master your Employee Knowledge and Startup a Business; exclusive to work with your particular situation.


Subscribers who click on the book a consultation that comes later via email also get Access to Watch the Video Experiences listed here. 

Only the select few of you who book the call with me will also get to watch these videos and does of you who do not will not get these emails so please make sure to click on the link inside the consultation invite.

Day 1

Monetizing Employee Knowledge

Understand How Monetizing your Employee Knowledge will help you Start a Business.

Day 2

Starting a Business with a Job

Understand How Starting a Business with a job is the best chance for Becoming Successful.

NEW - Day 3

Risks to Become an Entrepreneur

Understand How taking Risks to Become an Entrepreneur is rewarding at the end.

BONUS - Day 4

Choosing the Right Business Model

Understand How Choosing the right Business Model will help you Launch sooner.

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