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Most Business Owners are very quick to act on what they want to do, and some Entrepreneurs are not planning ahead; you may expect that these types of people are constantly jumping from one thought to the next without first evaluating and planning to determine if what you are going to do will work.

Some Business owners get excited about things they want to build like a website, even on things that just came out for advertising the business; and whatever they are into sounds good so they pay for it.


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Some of these business owners, and other like minded entrepreneurs are now realizing that there was a better way; and all you had to do was be a strategic entrepreneur.

Being a strategic entrepreneur, will make a huge difference on if you succeed in business; to the point where everything you are doing is based on what you know will work; and you know exactly what you are doing.

I like to give you some examples on how I do things as a strategic entrepreneur, and so let say I'm getting ready to promote to a customer; the last thing I do is just call or email them because they may not even have a clue on why I did that.

I would first pull up the customer information, because I want to be able to find out if we spoken before; if you do the apposite and then questions arrive with the customer you will be stuck and not be strategic enough to handle that call.


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Another great example is when you are creating a product, or figuring our what services you going to offer; now is when you need to be a strategic entrepreneur to determine the steps needed for success.

Before I launch this product or service I'm working on, I need to figure out what am I going to do so that is a success; I'm not going to waste months of my time for something that may end up being nothing.


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